ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Whisper and I like stuff!!!!!!!!! I like to make glitter images and I do so frequently. I have a fursona and so I use my fur name if that's okay!


Cool war! I know most people don't associate rubix cubes with cool war, and probably don't know what it is, but Cool war is a series of tales on the SCP website that I enjoy! If you walk about cool war you have my whole heart

SPEEDCORE!!!!!!!!!! SPLITTERCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL DA COREZ XD

I liek dubstep cuz it goes wub wub wub wub

n I liek speedcore cuz it goes


I also liek other thingehs but I can't show u dem aaaaaaall.... I'm a furry, I like burgerz, I cook, n I make candy as well as kandi x3

MY PURRSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a shadowclan warrior! I'm ambitious, purrhaps a bit TOO proud, and I enjoy my independence! :3

This is my furry code: FFc3acdmr A+ C+ D++ H+++ M P+ R T+++ W Z- Sp++ RLCT* a- cln++++ d+ e- f+ h+ iwf++ j p-- sm

Translate it here: https://mj.ucw.cz/furry/